Rainbow Trout


34.2479° N, 88.7221° W

Bead Head Prince Nymph

Rainbow trout love to feed on insects, and during the rain, the insects will often get washed into the water. By using a fly that mimics a nymph, which is the developmental stage of an insect before it becomes a full-grown adult, the angler can present a food source to the fish that they are actively feeding on.

To target rainbow trout with a bead head prince nymph, launch your boat at Robbins Lake Boat Ramp in Tupelo, MS. From there, head downstream on the Tombigbee River towards the Natchez Trace Parkway bridge. Once you arrive near the bridge, position your boat to cast upstream. Cast upstream at roughly a 45-degree angle to the bank, allowing the nymph to drift down towards the boat. Make sure to keep the line tight, feeling for any bites, and slowly retrieve the nymph after it has finished drifting downstream.

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